Turnkey Operations: 4 Ways To Make Money With Little Effort

There is no "get rich quick" scheme that actually works. However, there are turnkey operations that allow you to collect money and build earnings without a whole lot of effort. If you are looking for a turnkey business, here are four examples to get you started.

Vending Machines

Every workplace has them. Employees plug their coins and bills into them every day for snacks and drinks. Buying a vending machine route from another business owner or investing in several machines to disperse on your own gets you started on making several cents on every dollar spent. The only things you have to do are maintain the machines so that they work and fill the machines once or twice a week to keep the money coming. You can contact Definite Food Services Limited & BluenoseVending Services for more information about vending machines.

Public Laundromats

Single people and families with no access to a washer and dryer need laundromats. Considering that most laundromats charge a dollar or more to wash each load and about as much to dry, it is almost pure profit. You do have to maintain the machines, pay for the electricity and keep the place tidy, but if you are mechanically inclined, the rest is easy. Most owners check and empty the coin collectors on their machines once or twice a week and do a nightly sweep to keep things neat and stocked for customers.

Automatic Car Washes

Like the laundromats, people plug in dollars to turn on the car wash and you collect the money. Additional services, such as a car vacuum, that require a few dollars provide a little extra income while providing customers the means to clean out the interiors of their vehicles as well. If the automatic car wash is placed in a high traffic area of town, you could easily make a five-digit income every year, possibly more depending on what you charge for a wash. You will have to refill all of the soap, cleaners and wax and maintain the property, but this is one operation that definitely runs itself.


Kids and teens (and even a few adults) enjoy a good arcade. If you have all of the most popular arcade games, plus some of the old standby favorites, you can make money while your gamers plug quarters in to be entertained. Initially, start-up costs for your arcade are high, but eventually, as business picks up, the machines pay for themselves. You pay the electric bill, maintain the machines, and bring new games in to keep customers coming back.

Getting Started

There are typically two ways to get started in a turnkey business. Either you can find a current turnkey operation or vending route and purchase it from the current owner, or you can start your own. Start-up costs are less if you can find a business owner who is looking to sell. Otherwise, you will have to find and/or modify a building to suit your business needs or find several businesses in need of vending machines, which is quite expensive. The upshot to any turnkey operation is that it eventually pays for itself and everything after that is profit.