Wedding Food: Current Menu Trends To Consider For Your Wedding Day

A wedding is an important time for any couple. In addition to joining their lives together as one, this is also a time to share a wonderful day with their family and friends. For such an important event, the food needs to be one of the top priorities. Choosing a wedding menu is a very important part of wedding planning. The following are some wedding food trends you may want to consider:

Non-Traditional Takes On Traditional Food

A new and fun trend in wedding catering is a unique take on traditional favorites. Many couples are going back to their childhood by choosing foods that they enjoyed as children and adding a different spin on them. One big trend is meatballs. While meatballs seem very 1980s, couples are requesting them more and more for their wedding reception. The difference is now they want a more modern take on meatballs. This can be done in a number of ways, from choosing meatballs made from different types of meat, including bison, veal, and even shellfish, to those with unique sauces.

Other unique twists on traditional food include macaroni and cheese with blue cheese and lobster, Kobe beef meatloaf, and cannoli instead of traditional wedding cake.


Another thing that is becoming quite popular at wedding receptions is personalization. Now, it is very seldom that you see the generic food that was traditionally seen at wedding receptions. Today, couples are placing a lot of importance on implementing their personality into their reception. This is also evident in the food choice. Some couples may wish to pay tribute to their alma mater through the food they have, serving up different tailgate favorites seen at their respective schools.

Family Style Dinners

Many couples are moving away from the stuffy, formal dinners that have been so commonplace at weddings. Instead of long, impersonal banquet tables, couples are opting for serving the food family style. This style allows guests to sit at larger round tables with the food passed around. Family style dinners spur on lively conversation among the guests, and it provides a feeling of nostalgia that is so important to many couples.

These are just a few of the popular wedding food trends. There are so many ways to make your wedding reception food your own. When choosing a caterer, like A Certain Flair Catering, for your wedding, be sure to discuss with them what you envision for your wedding menu and provide them with a list of items you would like to have included. Caterers are generally happy to provide couples with everything they want for their special day.