5 Ways To Use Your Grill To Cook Fish

If you have never grilled fish before, it can be intimidating and you may not know where to begin. In order to ensure that the fish you cook on your grill turns out great, there are a few basic things you need to know. Here are a few easy ways you can use your grill to cook fish effectively.

Keep The Skin

Removing the skin from fish before grilling can create a host of problems. To prevent your fish from crumbling while you grill them, do not remove any skin from the fish. If you are grilling trout or mackerel, it is always best to leave the skin as part of the finished product since it is so thin. For fish such as salmon which have thicker skins, you can always remove the skin after you have finished cooking it.

Invest In A Fish Basket

Fisk baskets come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. You can decide which one best suits your needs based on the type of fish you prefer to grill. Fish baskets work for grilling by allowing you to keep the fish in place. Instead of flipping over your fish on the grill, you flip over the fish basket instead and this helps to prevent the fish from disintegrating.

Cook Your Fish In a Packet

Grilling your fish in a packet is a great way to prevent it from disintegrating and to keep it moist at the same time. You can grill fish by laying out a long sheet of foil paper on the grill and then covering it with another layer of foil. Spray the center of the foil paper with cooking spray. Place all your ingredients on the foil and lay the fish on it. Fold the foil paper together to create a packet. Cover the grill and cook the contents of the packet. Check on the fish and ingredients you can see in the open area of your packet every few minutes to see how well it is cooking.

Invest In A Plank

Grilling fish on a plank is one of the easiest ways to prevent fish from disintegrating. Soak the plank in some water for about two hours before putting it on your grill. Lay out your seasoned fish on the plank and allow it to grill.

Grilling fish for the first time need not be intimidating if you take the time to follow the steps outlined above. Choose the method that most appeals to you in order to get your fish grilled to perfection.

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