Make A Homemade Water Filter To Remove Impurities From Water While Camping

A homemade water filter will remove impurities from water that you collect from a stream, river, pond or any other water source that you encounter. It will come in handy if you want to go camping but don't want to buy expensive filters. This is also a great trick if the water supply at your home is contaminated!

Materials Needed

  • dish detergent
  • water
  • large soda bottle
  • scissors
  • fabric 
  • coffee filter
  • charcoal
  • plastic bag that seals
  • small hammer
  • sand
  • gravel or small stones
  • bowl or pot to collect water
  • cup
  • campfire or stove top

​Place Filtering Materials Inside Of The Bottle

Clean the inside of a large soda bottle with soapy water. Rinse the interior well with plain water. Use a pair of scissors to remove the bottom from the bottle. Unscrew and remove the bottle's cap and place a small piece of cloth or a coffee filter over the bottle's opening. Replace the cap so that the cloth or coffee filter is held in held in place.

Place a few charcoal pieces inside of a plastic bag that seals. Strike the bag with a small hammer to break the pieces into small ones. Tilt the soda bottle upside down so that the cap is facing downwards. Pour the small charcoal pieces into the opening that was cut into the bottom of the bottle. Spread the pieces out so that they are evenly distributed. Add a layer of sand on top of the charcoal pieces that is the same thickness as the first layer. Finally, add a layer of gravel or small stones, that is the same layer, on top of the sand.

Collect And Filter Water

Fill a pot or bowl with water that you would like to filter. Hold the bottle with the cap facing downwards. Remove the cap and hold the piece of cloth or filter in place with one of your hands. Place the bottle's opening over a cup. Pour the water that you are filtering slowly into the bottom of the bottle. As the water passes through the filtering layers, it will be strained and large impurities will be removed.

After the cup is filled, boil the water for a few minutes to remove any additional contaminants that were not removed during the filtering process. When finished, the water will be safe for you to drink. Take the filter with you whenever you will be traveling and keep it in a designated area in your home in case your tap water ever becomes contaminated and you would like to remove impurities from it. Talk with a place like potable water by Scott'S Water Service (2006) Ltd if you want more tips to clean up your drinking water, whether that's in-house or out camping.