Pros And Cons Of Choosing Large Bottles Of Water Over Cases Of Small Bottles

When your company signs up for a water delivery service, one of the first decisions that you'll need to make is what kind of water you want to be brought to your location. Many water delivery services have a long list of options, but your choice will generally come down to large bottles of water that you can connect to a cooler, or cases of small, single-serving bottles. If you're thinking of going the bulk water route, consider the following pros and cons.

Pro: Environmentally Friendly

Buying your water in large bulk bottles is an environmentally friendly way to supply your place of work with water. When you empty a bottle, your delivery service will take it away and replace it with a full bottle. This means that you aren't putting any waste in your local landfill, and you aren't recycling, either. While recycling is generally advantageous, it requires lots of resources.

Con: Not Portable

The nature of your company can influence what type of water you get delivered. While bulk water connected to a cooler is a good choice for a workplace in which everyone stays in the office all day, it's not ideal for other scenarios. If you have sales staff who are frequently on the road, or other employees who are in an out of the office multiple times a day, bulk water isn't as portable as single-serving bottles. Many people drink bulk water from paper cups, so you'd need to get your staff to bring bottles or cups with lids if they want to grab some water before they leave.

Pro: Encourages Camaraderie

The term "water cooler talk" describes a scenario in which office employees gather to speak to one another as they pour themselves a cup or glass of water. If you're eager to build camaraderie in your place of work, having a water cooler can be a good impromptu meeting place. If you were to provide single-serving bottles instead, employees may simply grab a bottle and return to their desks.

Con: Risk Of Distractions

While there are lots of benefits to your employees meeting at the water cooler, there are also some drawbacks. For example, not only can this scenario be distracting, but it can also lead to gossip, cliques, and other unwanted issues. Someone whose workstation is near the water cooler may also grow frustrated by people holding conversations at the water cooler just a few feet away.

In the end, you'll need to evaluate all of these points and decide which type of water delivery will serve your company best. Contact companies like Dean's Waterservice Inc to learn more.